Action must be taken to make sure a whole generation of Dreamers is not lost to government inaction this year. The presence of undocumented students is pronounced and undeniable, even Dora has come out as undocumented recently. She now faces deportation. We must work to stop the deportation of Dora and fight for the Dream Act as a standalone bill. There are many ways you can help.

1. Sign the Don’t Deport Dora Petition.

2. Pledge to help sponsor a child attend The Children’s March in DC.

3. Pledge to attend an upcoming Dream Act action near you.

4. Spread Dora’s story.

Dear Representative,

I am deeply troubled by the recent events surrounding Dora the Explorer. On the morning of May 29th, 2010 her parents were detained by ICE enforcement officials. She now faces deportation along with her parents on July 4th, 2010.

It is devastating to know we will possibly lose such a smart, talented and amicable young lady who is such a wonderful contributor to our society and the education of other young children around the nation. This should not happen in a country that prides itself in democratic principles, fairness and equality. To remedy the dissonance between the ideals America prides itself in and the realities of undocumented students, like Dora, I ask that you stop the deportation of Dora, and all other Dream-eligible students. Furthermore to prevent this from happening to other talented undocumented students I ask that you push for the Dream Act as a standalone bill and pass it as is.

Don’t Deport Dora! Don’t Deport Dreamers! Pass the Dream Act as Standalone Now!


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